Global Customer Relationship Management

Understand the development and importance of customer relationship management as an integral part of an organization's strategy. Determine the need for it's implementation, as well as some processes and procedures being used to accomplish this organizational goal of serving the customer. As the course capstone, you will create an action plan to further develop your customer relationship management competencies.

  • Explain the meaning and purpose of customer relationship management.
  • Examine customer, organization and quality programs that organizations can develop to create a more customer-centric organization.
  • Discuss the benefits of, and the steps for, creating value for your customers.
  • Analyze customer equity in regards to potential CRM benefits.
  • Examine the notion of key account management and why it is emerging in today's global market.
  • Explain the value of establishing business relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Discuss the trends favoring partnerships, and how these partnerships are benefiting global organizations.
  • Create an action plan to enhance global customer relationship management performance.

Foundation Course for Global Business Fee: $400

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