Global Communications Essentials

Identify key issues of cross-cultural communication ranging from broad cultural communication paradigms to specific skill building. Corporate examples are integrated throughout this course to illustrate and emphasize important aspects of global communication. You will create an action plan to further develop your leadership competencies.

  • Identify various aspects and levels of culture.
  • Describe the GLOBE Research Project's nine dimensions of culture and how each relates to various business interactions.
  • Explain the ways in which our world is changing and the impact on global organizations.
  • Recognize key issues of cross-cultural communication.
  • Employ effective cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Compare various modes of global communication that foster a collaborative environment.
  • Determine guidelines and tips to improve effectiveness and productivity of cross-cultural meetings.
  • Examine through a series of case vignettes the various challenges and solutions of communicating as a member of a multicultural team.
  • Create an action plan to enhance global communication performance.

Foundation Course for Global Business Fee: $400

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