Why Thunderbird for Executive Education?


Thunderbird empowers global professionals to shape the landscapes impacting their enterprises by developing future-ready skills and connecting them to a network of diverse, global experts.

Now is the greatest moment to embrace the benefits and understand the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The world requires leaders with creativity, ingenuity, and resilience. Thunderbird, and its network of partners, provides cutting-edge programs that deliver these global leaders.

Thunderbird delivers the very best programming for maximum impact in six specific, cross-cutting focus areas:

  • Effectively (and ethically) Engaging the Emerging 21st Century World
  • Global Leadership and Functional Capabilities for the 4IR
  • Global Circular Economy and Sustainability
  • Global Mindset, Diversity, Inclusion, and Resilience
  • Global Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship
  • Everyday Leadership and Professional Skills

Thunderbird Executive Education prepares professionals for global leadership at the highest levels. Our program equips participants with strategic insights, interdisciplinary leadership skills, and a deep understanding of the global management principles and practices needed to drive growth and efficiency in a high-performing international organization.

Key Benefits

Our Executive Education experiences are designed to tackle current and future business challenges in an increasingly complex global marketplace

We blend multiple methodologies to drive interactive, engaging dialogue and activities that encourage new ways of thinking

Our dynamic sessions are led by a diverse network of thought leaders who blend academic expertise with industry experience

Innovative Programs Worldwide

  • Smart Cities and Urban Innovation
  • Space Leadership
  • Brand Yourself Like a Hollywood Pro
  • Doing Business in the NEW China
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Unparalleled Reach

Thunderbird is the world’s only truly global and multinational management school. With more than 45,000 distinguished alumni in 145 countries and a rapidly expanding network of satellite Centers of Excellence in all regions, Thunderbird delivers cutting-edge and fit-for-purpose programs across the globe.

Our network of Centers of Excellence from Los Angeles to Tokyo, and Moscow to Nairobi provides a truly global presence that sets Thunderbird apart by facilitating academic offerings in major commercial centers around the world, connecting and engaging our worldwide alumni network, and partner organizations around the globe.

Drawing from world-leading cross-disciplinary experts

Thunderbird, home to the world's #1-ranked Master of Global Management, leverages the considerable and diverse resources of the country's #1-ranked school for innovation to deliver world-class experts from across disciplines and industries.

cross-disciplinary experts