Worried about pitfalls while taking your business global? Geopolitical tensions and unfamiliar markets can make international success seem daunting. With Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Understanding Global Financial Management program, you'll gain key skills to help navigate these challenges effectively. Learn to identify and manage financial risks, maximize profitable opportunities, and ensure sustainable growth for your international ventures. Analyze currency fluctuations, overcome legal hurdles, and develop winning financial strategies for different foreign markets, giving you the confidence to shape your company’s global potential and long-term sustainability.

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Registration Information

Certificate Location Date Type Cost Register
Understanding Global Financial Management Phoenix, AZ April 10-11, 2025 In-Person, Online $1,500 Register
Understanding Global Financial Management Riyadh, KSA June 11-12, 2025 In-Person, Online $1,500 Register
Understanding Global Financial Management Phoenix, AZ September 18-19, 2025 In-Person, Online $1,500 Register

Key Benefits

  • Confidently assess risks, opportunities, and make informed cross-border decisions.
  • Navigate currency fluctuations, manage foreign exchange exposures, and optimize global cash flows.
  • Deliver impactful financial insights and steer your organization towards international success.


  • Identify and manage threats to your international ventures, like political instability, legal hurdles, and cultural nuances.
  • Discover powerful tools to secure profitable cross-border deals and streamline import/export operations. 
  • Craft winning strategies for sustainable global growth through acquisitions and expansion.
  • Translate financial insights into clear, actionable strategies for your team and leadership.

Who Should Attend?

  • Global trailblazers from visionary executives to resourceful entrepreneurs.
  • Executives, managers, and analysts across departments like finance, operations, supply chain, and strategic planning.
  • Consultants advising companies on market entry, risk management, and financial strategies for global operations.
  • Professionals driving cross-border investments, mergers and acquisitions, and international asset management.
  • Founders and early-stage team members plotting international expansion.
  • Policymakers and government officials involved in international trade and finance.
  • Those working in international NGOs and development organizations.


The program will use presentations, small group discussions, and interactive sessions to cover the following topics:

  • Demystifying the global financial landscape
  • Country risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Navigating foreign exchange markets
  • Optimizing global cash flows
  • Hedging foreign currency risk
  • Managing export/import operations
  • Case studies in global financial management
  • Cross-border investment analysis and strategies
  • Sustainable global growth strategies
  • Communicating financial insights to different stakeholders


Lena Booth

Deputy Dean, Thunderbird Academic Enterprise and Finance Professor

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Thunderbird empowers global professionals to shape the changing landscapes impacting their enterprises by expanding and updating their future-ready skills and connecting them to a diverse network of global experts.

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