Feeling held back by your lack of financial knowledge? Learn to leverage the numbers that matter and take your projects to the next level with Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Finance for Non-Financial Managers program. This two-day workshop will equip participants with essential skills like analyzing financial statements, calculating cash flow for project valuation, and crafting compelling proposals for securing investments. Gain the financial confidence to champion cost-effective projects that drive growth and make impactful decisions for teams and companies as a whole.

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Registration Information

Certificate Location Date Delivery type Cost Register
Finance for Non-Financial Managers Phoenix, AZ May 21-22, 2025 In-person, Online $1,500 Register
Finance for Non-Financial Managers Los Angeles, CA June 16-17, 2025 In-person, Online $1,500 Register
Finance for Non-Financial Managers Jakarta, Indonesia June 25-26, 2025 In-person, Online $1,500 Register

Key Benefits

  • Manage budgets and risks wisely, allocate resources strategically, and maximize the ROI for your projects, team, and organization.
  • Gain the financial savvy to make sustainable, value-driven decisions that contribute to your organization's financial success.


  • Analyze data, navigate financial reports, and communicate effectively with finance teams to drive impactful choices at all levels.
  • Craft compelling proposals, understand capital markets, and increase your chances of securing essential resources.
  • Stand out in today's job market with your financial literacy and strategic mindset.
  • Apply financial principles to your personal life, manage debt effectively, and plan for a secure future.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives, mid-level managers, and non-financial administrators  across all departments and organizations.
  • Project managers, engineers, scientists, and professionals in technical and creative fields.
  • Marketing, HR, and operations professionals seeking financial understanding for strategic decision-making.
  • Nonprofit and public sector leaders managing budgets and resource allocation.
  • Anyone passionate about personal financial wellness seeking to translate financial principles into their professional lives.


The program will use presentations, small group discussions, and interactive sessions to cover the following topics: 

  • Demystifying Financial Fundamentals: Decode key financial statements (income, balance sheet, cash flow) and uncover hidden insights to inform smarter decisions. 
  • Maximizing Resources and Securing Funding: Discover strategies for managing working capital effectively, identifying optimal sources of financing, and crafting compelling proposals that win over investors.
  • Time Value and Valuation Strategies: Explore the concept of time value of money and see how it impacts project decisions and company valuations.
  • From Numbers to Impact: Design effective metrics to track the financial impact of your decisions and demonstrate project value.
  • Influencing and Aligning Stakeholders: Build buy-in and navigate communication channels to get everyone on board with your financial vision. 
  • Investing Wisely: Apply capital budgeting techniques to evaluate potential projects and initiatives.  Learn to use discounted cash flow analysis to make smart investment choices.


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