In today’s complex business environment leaders must possess the skills necessary to manage enterprise transformations with agility. Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Agile Leadership program explores how to adeptly navigate the challenges of rapid change, foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, and enhance leadership capabilities to achieve strategic objectives and inspire teams. This two-day workshop covers how to utilize the key agile approaches, including SCRUM and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), to drive superior performance, increase team satisfaction, and improve outcomes.

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Registration Information

Certificate Location Date Type Cost Register
Agile Leadership Mumbai, India December 14-15, 2024 In-Person $1,500 Register
Agile Leadership Phoenix, AZ March 13-14, 2025 In-Person $1,500 Register

Key Benefits

  • Drive change with proven frameworks and agile leadership practices.
  • Integrate Agile methodologies with OKRs for efficient project execution.


  • Cultivate a culture of responsiveness and proactive problem-solving.
  • Set clear objectives and track progress for demonstrably successful outcomes.
  • Equip yourself with in-demand skills for driving change and leading in today's dynamic business landscape.

Who Should Attend?

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Leaders, managers, and project professionals across all sectors (public, private, and nonprofit) seeking to lead Agile transformations.

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Professionals aiming to enhance their leadership effectiveness and achieve strategic goals through OKRs.

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Both beginners and those looking to refine their agile practices and accelerate organizational change.


The program will use presentations, small group discussions, and case studies to cover the following topics:

  • Strategic Agility: Mindset and Culture
  • Operational Agility & Operating Rhythm
  • Supporting Sustained Change
  • Agile Leadership Principles
  • Effective Integration of OKRs
  • Practical Strategies for Building High-performing Teams
  • Agile methodologies
  • Metrics and Feedback for Optimization


Euvin Naidoo

Euvin Naidoo

Distinguished Professor of Practice in Global Accounting, Risk and Agility

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