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Thunderbird Online's Executive Certificate programs are unique, thought provoking continuing education courses designed for busy, working professionals. The content in each certificate course is developed by top-ranked Thunderbird faculty, and is 100% Thunderbird content. These online Executive Certificates provide you with world-class professional development in a variety of subject areas. Learn more about these programs today, and discover how Thunderbird will help enhance your career development.

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Global Business Essentials

Develop a well-rounded business skill set to successfully drive actionable global results by enhancing your global business knowledge. Broaden your skills and learn ways to achieve global success through the fundamentals of marketing, leadership, and finance.

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Global Corporate Social Responsibility

Understand the expectations of a socially responsible organization and develop an action plan for implementing CSR within your community. Gain a firm understanding of CSR as a system to create innovative solutions to restore the environment, create meaning for employees and benefit the economy.

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Global Finance

Study the intricacies of global finance and understand the unique challenges, opportunities, and success strategies of the global financial market to conduct business on a global scale. Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively understand and manage a firm’s financial capital.

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Global Leadership

Develop your global leadership skills and utilize your key strengths to inspire teamwork and collaboration. Define global leadership success strategies to enhance your team's performance and enable them to continue to take on new business challenges.

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Global Management

Become more globally focused and conversant in the language of global business management. Develop your management skill set by immersing yourself in the fundamentals of cross-cultural communication, leadership and corporate social responsibility.

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Global Marketing

Broaden your global marketing skills to successfully market your organization on a global scale. Develop the necessary skills to create and execute a global marketing strategy for your organization to thrive in today's ever-changing marketplace.

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Global Negotiations

Develop your understanding of cross-cultural negotiation tactics and discover your power position and power approach. Create a winning global negotiation strategy by understanding the tools to help minimize misunderstandings, maximize leverage, and effectively execute your negotiation plan.

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International Credit and Trade Finance

Set your company up for global success by learning the fundamentals in the world of international trade credit management & export trade finance. Define and understand the fundamentals to analyze international customer risks, financial statements, risk and mitigation and export techniques. This certificate is in partnership with The Association of International Credit & Trade Finance Professionals (ICTF).

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Social & Voluntary Sector Leadership

Focus on enhancing your knowledge of global trends for social sector leaders, and various leadership techniques to succeed and lead on a global scale. Develop your understanding of the trends and global realities for social sector leaders.

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Elective Course Catalog

If your Executive Certificate requires you to take one elective course to complete your certificate, please choose any of the following 8-week courses. This course catalog is also a listing of our single course offerings if you are looking to take one course at this time.

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