Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations

Develop your understanding of cross-cultural negotiation tactics and discover your power position and power approach.

Negotiation is an art acquired over time by understanding who your audience is, and how you can best communicate with them. Thunderbird Online's Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations prepares you to develop a winning global negotiation strategy by teaching you powerful tools to help minimize misunderstandings, maximize leverage in conflict situations, and effectively execute your negotiation plan.

Real-World Benefits:

  • Understand different levels of culture by improving self-awareness and communication skills through the examination of your cultural orientation.
  • Enhance your capacity to work in global teams and improve your ability to give feedback to team members.
  • Examine how global diversity and inclusion will impact your company, and learn how to leverage individual contributions to foster creative problem-solving.
  • Evaluate the impact of using “Power Over” versus “Power With” in developing your negotiation strategy.
  • Recognize cultural, situational, and social factors of virtual negotiations by understanding the surprises of social distance.
  • Understand how the attributes of a “global mindset” affect global negotiation and conflict management by identifying different frameworks of conflict styles.
  • Identify and understand the implications of cultural orientations when choosing an alternative dispute resolution.

Additional Benefits:

Register for the 3-course track and receive the Cultural Orientations Indicator® and the ExpertNegotiator® web-based software.

  • Gain access to utilize the Cultural Orientation Indicator ® self-reporting tool designed to foster self-awareness and cultural-awareness so you can effectively communicate and collaborate in a global team environment. This is available for 1 year from the start of your first course.
  • Utilize ExpertNegotiator web-based software to help plan and enhance your negotiation strategy. This is available for 1 year from the start of your first course.

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To receive your Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations, you must register for and complete each of the following three online courses:

* See upcoming start dates

To earn the Executive Certificate or individual "Certificates of Completion," participants are required to:

  • Participate in weekly facilitated discussion forums
  • Complete the End-of-Course Assessment with a score of 80% or higher
  • Complete the End-of-Course Survey

Thunderbird Online's Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations is ideal for business individuals who are looking to enhance their understanding of cross-cultural communication, negotiation tactics, and identifying cultural differences.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Working Professionals – Improve your marketability in today's global marketplace.
  • Experienced Executives – Gain expertise in a global business focus area.
  • Post MBA – Focus on a specific business area to enhance your global knowledge.

The Thunderbird Online Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations is led by Professor Karen S. Walch, Ph.D., and Professor Denis Leclerc.

Professor Karen S. Walch, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Consultant at Thunderbird School of Global Management, has an academic background in international negotiation, cultural competencies, and global mindset. She has over 30 years of experience in various business and academic contexts, including: insurance, law, tourism, aquaculture, security studies, and MBA graduate education. Dr. Walch pursued a Ph.D. in International Political Economy and Negotiation at the University of WI while working in business, political, and legal settings. Dr. Walch’s interests are in the area of political and social-psychological factors in communication and negotiation.

Professor Denis Leclerc, Ph.D., is a Clinical Professor of Cross-Cultural Communications and Global Negotiations at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He teaches several Thunderbird programs including the full-time MBA program, Global MBA On-Demand, Executive MBA program and custom corporate programs. His areas of expertise are focused on global communications and other aspects of global business, particularly cross-cultural communication competence, global negotiations and leading with a global mindset.

View Professor Leclerc's video on Negotiating with a Global Mindset.

Your Thunderbird Online Executive Certificate courses include:

  • All online study materials
  • Access to the Thunderbird learning environment
  • Certificate at the completion of your course and/or Thunderbird Executive Certificate
  • Exclusive Thunderbird Online certificate badge to display on your LinkedIn profile, resume, and e-mail signature

Single Program Fee: $1,980
Three-Course Certificate Track: $4,752
(a 20% savings)

The continuing education unit (CEU) is a recognized method of quantifying participation in an organized continuing education experience under qualified instruction. One CEU is equal to 10 contact hours of time spent in such an educational experience. The main purpose of CEUs is to provide a permanent record of the educational accomplishments of an individual who has completed non-credit educational and career enhancement activities.

Each participant receives 3 CEUs per online course completed, equating to 9 CEUs for the entire online executive certificate program.

Global Negotiations

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