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Young global leaders unveil Global Business Oath

Thunderbird School of Global Management President Ángel Cabrera will lead a panel discussion on business ethics in conjunction with the public launch of the Global Business Oath, an initiative of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders. The oath will be unveiled next week during the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The Global Business Oath is intended to be a set of global principles that serve as a guide when business leaders face difficult trade-offs and paradoxes while leading their organizations.

The Young Global Leaders (YGL) began the initiative at last year’s Forum. Over the past year, Dr. Cabrera and other YGL members drafted the Oath, which is now available online for all managers and executives worldwide to sign voluntarily. By signing this Oath, corporate leaders promise to manage their enterprises diligently and in good faith. Business executives worldwide will be invited to sign the oath during the Davos conference and beyond. More than 200 business leaders already have pledged to lead their organizations according to these principles and, over the course of 2010, the YGL Oath Task Force hopes to expand its reach and impact.

The Global Business Oath will be discussed and promoted throughout the World Economic Forum, including during a session that Dr. Cabrera will moderate Jan. 28. The session, “Rethinking Business Ethics,” will focus on how the 2008 financial crisis highlighted shortcomings of simply teaching the analysis of ethical problems to prepare future business leaders for the paradoxes of the real world.

Dr. Cabrera also will blog daily about the Global Business Oath and other topics discussed at the annual meeting onHarvard Business Review’s Web site and on his own blog ( on Thunderbird’s Knowledge Network.

Dr. Cabrera is one of the world’s foremost advocates of business ethics, corporate responsibility and oaths of honor for business school graduates and managers worldwide. Under his leadership, Thunderbird became the first business school in the world to incorporate a professional Oath of Honor for its graduates in 2004. Thunderbird’s oath, which made headlines following the financial crisis, has been the benchmark from which students from other schools, like Harvard, have developed their own oaths.

Dr. Cabrera is a world-renowned global leader and management educator whose work and expertise has been recognized and tapped by top global organizations including the World Economic Forum and the United Nations.

In 2006, Dr. Cabrera was asked by the UN Global Compact to chair a global taskforce that developed the “Principles for Responsible Management Education,” which serve to strengthen the role of business schools in promoting ethics and corporate citizenship. More than 250 schools from around the world, including Thunderbird, have endorsed them.

Dr. Cabrera can do interviews in English or Spanish. If you are interested in an interview with Dr. Cabrera before, during or after the Forum, please e-mail or call Carol Sunnucks at 602-978-7272 or Brian Camen at 602-978-7922.