We Are Digital

Image of a cryptocurrency and blockchain event held by industry leaders at Thunderbird's Global Forum.

Global Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

New technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and genetic engineering are fusing the physical, biological and digital worlds, fundamentally altering the way we live, work and relate to one another. In this new paradigm, organizations need a different kind of leader. Thunderbird prepares global leaders for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and connect them with a worldwide network of problem solvers and trend setters to help them keep their organizations ahead of the constant disruption that characterizes this area of rapid technological innovation. 

Image of diverse Thunderbird students talking with each other at a meeting

Our Digital Global Mindset

Global leaders and managers must have a collection of skills and knowledge that empowers them to understand and influence individuals, groups, and organizations across cultures, borders, and modes of communication. The global mindset of the 21st century is virtually limitless in its digital nature, and it is through the online, data-driven technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that we connect and create value.

Our New Global Headquarters

Our new Global Headquarters leverages the latest cutting-edge learning technology to enable Thunderbird students to experience in real-time what they seek to study and learn. We have unlocked all that digital technology has to offer within our formal learning environments with truly active and multi-dimensional learning spaces that fully immerse our students in their disciplines while allowing them to collaborate on a global scale.

Thunderbird students stand outside its new global headquarters in Phoenix
Image of an Undergraduate student wearing headphones and smiling up at the camera while holding a tablet.

Our Degrees for a Digital World

Thunderbird is a world leader in global business and management education for a new era of technological transformation. Guided by a digital global mindset and a deep commitment to advancing inclusive and sustainable prosperity worldwide, Thunderbird integrates original, multidisciplinary management and business research with emerging technology trends to empower leaders of transnational organizations to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.

Professional Certificates for a Digital World

We prepare global leaders to manage in today’s environment of constant technological innovation and disruption. To make a difference in this complex and interwoven global economy, managers need a firm understanding of how to leverage the immense opportunities and manage the threats arising from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Image of a woman in a suit smiling at a tablet.