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Thunderbird Student Wins "Best Intern Project" Award at HP

Minaz Bamvakiades, Jr. set out this summer to put his Thunderbird education to the test as an intern with Hewlett Packard and came back a prestigious award winner. Out of 90 other interns, many of whom derive from prestigious and Ivy League programs across the United States, Minaz stood out with his strategic approach, utilizing statistical analysis and a dashboard approach to managing the tracking and reporting process of metrics associated with sales compensation plans. His internship work earned him HP’s coveted “Best Intern Project” award as judged by HP employees.

“HP has more than 8,000 sales reps and about 420 sales plans to manage the compensation for among the entire group,” says Minaz, who originally hails from Brazil. “One of the key points of the project was to understand how sales plans were affecting margin and revenue and how that drives sales representative behavior. The goal was to help the company have the overall best return on its investment.”

The information Minaz gathered in his statistical analysis was extremely valuable to HP, as it assists in the design of better sales plans that have the right number of metrics and input, line of sight and an overall easier user interface to provide a better satisfaction score between sales representatives.

Minaz participated in HP’s Annual Houston Intern Project Fair the final week of his internship, where he had the opportunity to display what he developed during the summer. His work was deemed the best project of the year by the HP employees. It was the most important award for interns at HP and the honor solidified for Minaz his career and educational purpose.

“I was really proud to represent our school and to bring that award to Thunderbird. I used so much of my education from Thunderbird when I was at HP. The connection between the learning and what I did it was really clear,” says Minaz.

Congratulations, Minaz! Not only did you represent Thunderbird with pride, but you also shined a light on the continuing innovative focus of the Arizona State University Knowledge Enterprise.