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Thunderbird - Russia

The Center for Business Skills Development (CBSD) in Russia, also known as Thunderbird Russia, offers professional development programs and customized training to help solve business issues and nurture strong, innovative leaders in Eastern Europe and beyond.

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Global clients from Adidas to Microsoft have trained bright young leaders at Thunderbird Russia, taking advantage of professional development programs in a variety of critical fields to provide executives with the business skill sets required to thrive in the global economy.

Partnerships with globally recognized institutions, certification entities, training specialists and consultants contribute to our diverse course offerings and experiential learning programs. Employing the latest learning techniques, including gamification, personal development-focused education and case studies.

Thunderbird Russia programs

Learn amidst the world’s largest community of billionaires when you take one of our executive development, training or certificate programs. Here’s a sample of what we offer: 

  • Executive development programs in:
    • Management and Leadership 
    • Project management 
    • Sales and marketing 
    • Human resources 
    • Finance and managerial accounting 
    • Personal effectiveness 
    • Special skills
  • Corporate consulting to help firms in BRIC nations achieve the next stage of growth and success
  • Regional Business Environment excursions for Thunderbird students from across the world 
  • Partnerships with regional institutions for Thunderbird students interested in exchange programs

Live, Learn and Lead in a BRIC Nation

Russia, one of four BRIC countries along with Brazil, India and China, is one of the world’s leading emerging markets. Living, learning and working in a BRIC nation provides endless opportunities to affect tremendous economic and social change. A business education from Thunderbird Russia provides you with the tools, inspiration and motivation to promote sustainable prosperity worldwide.

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Main office: +7 495 234 0767

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