Data Mining & Predictive Analytics

From the Certificate in Business Analytics

The Data Mining & Predictive Analytics course within the online Certificate in Business Analytics focuses on understanding the practice of data mining and predictive modeling. We will study the fundamental principles and techniques of data mining and examine real-world examples and data to place data-mining techniques in context to develop data-analytic thinking.

What Will Be Covered in Your 4 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Learn how data mining changes the innovation equation in organizations.
  • Understand the drivers and determinants of disruptive innovation and how best to leverage data mining.
  • Develop a practical, business-focused understanding of the three different orientations to data mining: exploratory, predictive and forensic.
  • Understand how to develop new business opportunities or drive innovation in organizations by leveraging data mining.
  • Establish an operational (hands–on) understanding of data-driven decision making,using data mining tools and techniques to assist managers to take one of three(exploratory, predictive, forensic) perspectives to data.

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  • A non-credit program offered 100% online and taught by same faculty as the W. P. Carey Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS-BA) program, the business analytics certificate consists of three core courses, each of which are delivered in four-week modules.
  • The case- and simulation-based curriculum is designed for real-world applicability.
  • The certificate curriculum is enhanced by weekly quizzes and readings, and a final, overall assignment is due at the end of the course.
  • Coursework can be completed on your time throughout the week, with all work being due by Sunday evenings.
  • Although the topics covered go into considerable depth, you do not need prior IT or analytics modeling knowledge or experience to apply for the program.
  • Delivered online to fit your busy schedule, the business analytics certificate can be completed in fewer than six months.
  • Specialize in data management or supply chain management to help overcome challenges in your current position or give you added expertise as you explore new opportunities
The Data Mining & Predictive Analytics certificate is ideal for executives, managers, business owners, and leaders who want to:

  • Learn how firms compete with analytics
  • Understand the evolution of business intelligence (BI) and how it applies to emerging business issues
  • Deepen their quantitative and analytical skills, discover how to derive value from data, lead data-driven analyses, and create a business advantage
  • Interpret and leverage the data within their organization to uncover trends, build predictive analysis models, and get closer to the customer to increase profitability

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