Marketing for Global Entry

Learn and understand how marketing research impacts the overall success of your company, both domestically and globally. You will also explore how international marketing research increases understanding of the international marketing environment, potential markets for a company’s product or service, market entry options, and consumers and competition in a potential target market. As the course capstone, you will create an action plan to further develop the leadership and strategic competencies necessary for success in marketing for global entry.

  • Examine two dimensions of the global marketing environment.
  • Screen a potential global market based on key criteria.
  • Compare advantages and disadvantages of the most-often-used modes of marketing for global entry.
  • Describe the role and purpose of international marketing research.
  • Outline the six steps of the marketing research process, along with important considerations for each step.
  • Evaluate the market entry modes and strategies used by an organization as they relate to their mission.
  • Compare your own market entry challenges with those faced by another organization.
  • Create an action plan to enhance global leadership performance.

Foundation Course for Global Business Fee: $400

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