Global Marketing Essentials

Enhance your understanding of the marketing process, whether you are new to the field, or an established marketing veteran. As a part of your learning experience, you will explore many tools and techniques that will help you in your daily marketing activities. Gaining an understanding of global marketing tools and techniques will help to strengthen your company's market position. You will create an action plan to further develop a successful global marketing strategy.

  • Explain the process of marketing and its key functions.
  • Learn to recognize different types of customers.
  • Differentiate the elements of a marketing mix program.
  • Identify marketing resources that can be used to create value and describe the fundamentals of market orientation.
  • Use a SWOT chart to analyze internal and external marketing environments.
  • Discuss the importance of marketing resources and show their relationship to company performance.
  • Characterize a target market using specific market segmentation criteria.
  • Analyze customer purchasing processes and design a unique value proposition.
  • Describe the process of new product development.
  • Define your brand and explain the meaning of brand reality.
  • Distinguish between in-process and end-result metrics.
  • Select market-based metrics to evaluate performance.
  • Create an action plan to enhance global market performance.

Foundation Course for Global Business Fee: $400

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