Elective Course Catalog

Complete your Thunderbird Online Executive Certificate with our wide array of elective courses and single, online business course offerings.

If your Thunderbird Online Executive Certificate requires you to take one elective course to complete your certificate, please choose any of the following 8-week courses. This course catalog is also a listing of our single course offerings if you are looking to take one course at this time. These single, online business course offerings are directly from the Thunderbird Online Executive Certificates, and will complete your global learning experience at Thunderbird.


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Executive Certificate in Global Corporate Social Responsibility

Principles of CSR and Sustainability

The Principles of CSR and Sustainability online professional development course within the Executive Certificate in Global Corporate Social Responsibility will teach you the complexity of corporate citizenship issues, identifying the strategic key players involved, and understanding the risks of mismanaging corporate citizenship on a global scale.

  • Define global corporate citizenship and sustainability from a business perspective.
  • Understand society’s new expectations including cases and discussions on specific global issues.
  • Identify where your responsibilities lie, and assess your organization through a unique CSR framework.
  • Develop an understanding for solution strategies through online simulation exercises.
  • Understand citizenship in a global economy, and how input markets drive corporate citizenship.
  • Recognize how to manage sustainability pressures regarding human rights, development and global corruption.
  • Focus on the business significance of sustainability, and the importance of corporate sound responsibility.
  • Analyze how you can manage resource scarcity, and apply case studies to your business model.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Overview of Corporate Citizenship
  • The Tragedy of the Commons
  • Drivers of Corporate Responsibility
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Suppliers and Input Markets
  • Changing Perspectives
  • Solution Networks
  • Moving Toward Strategy

Strategic Applications of CSR

The Strategic Applications of CSR course within the online Executive Certificate in Global Corporate Social Responsibility will teach you how to strategically manage both financial and social responsibilities for your organization and community. Analyze the social components of corporate social responsibility as they relate to clarifying your company’s responsibilities, committing to improve performance, and capturing the value of those commitments and initiatives.

  • Learn how to strategically manage CSR within your organization.
  • Define and understand the basics of capturing value from CSR commitments
  • Clarify the fiduciary responsibilities of companies moving toward CSR.
  • Understand government regulation and nongovernmental certifications.
  • Define how you will commit to improve your company’s sustainability performance.
  • Develop a firm knowledge on non-governmental organizations, and their role in global CSR.
  • Enhance your understanding of a commitment, and the value of commitments to your organization.
  • Find unique, collaborative approaches to achieving CSR within your organization.
  • Analyze the profit spectrum, and see how you can create both financial and social value for your company.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Introduction to Strategic Applications of CSR
  • Clarifying Corporate Responsibility
  • Committing to Improvement
  • Capturing the Value of CSR
  • The Socially Responsible Business Spectrum
  • Non-Profit or Business?
  • Business with Social Impact
  • Creating a CSR Strategy

Corporate Environmental Sustainability and Innovation

The Corporate Environmental Sustainability and Innovation course within the online Executive Certificate in Global Corporate Social Responsibility will enhance your understanding of sustainable product development and design, and how to incorporate corporate sustainability initiatives into your organization's strategy.

  • Understand environmental sustainability and how it relates to you.
  • Learn how an existing company can be part of the "green game"
  • Further develop your understanding of sustainable product development, and how that will enable you to create a sustainable value chain.
  • Define eco-efficiency and find your win-win sustainability strategy.
  • Understand the real meaning of sustainability and what it means in setting standards for all business products.
  • Outline sustainability as a growth driver for your organization and community.
  • Understand “The biosphere rules,” and enhance your knowledge through online discussions.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Introduction to Corporate Environmental Sustainability & Innovation
  • Energy & Climate
  • Resources & Supply
  • Sustainable Product Principles Overview
  • Sustainable Product Strategy 1 - Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Product Strategy 2 - Materials
  • Sustainable Product Strategy 3 - Value Cycling
  • Conclusion

Executive Certificate in Global Finance

Finance Essentials for Global Managers

The Finance Essentials for Global Managers course within the online Executive Certificate in Global Finance will immerse you in the fundamental concepts and current issues of finance to understand and develop the tools to make global corporate financial decisions.

  • Learn proven tactics for extracting information from financial statements to analyze the operating, investing, and financing activities of a company.
  • Discover effective strategies to manage a firm’s working capital.
  • Apply various valuation techniques to value securities and capital projects.
  • Understand the fundamental pieces of information needed to make valuable, beneficial investment decisions.
  • Perform a working capital analysis to identify a firm’s areas of strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Learn proven methods to evaluate financial statements to direct business toward growth and international expansion.
  • Understand the fundamentals of a complete credit analysis and define the “five C’s” of credit.
  • Recognize the importance of time value of money and how to apply present value concepts to a variety of business circumstances.
  • Discover ways to estimate net cash flows in order to rank prospective investing projects and determine which will provide the greatest return.
  • Realize the importance and usefulness of a thorough financial analysis to a global manager and company stakeholders.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Overview of Corporate Financial Management
  • Understand Financial Statements
  • Working Capital Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Time Value of Money
  • Valuing Securities
  • Investment Analysis
  • How to Evaluate an Investment Project

Advanced Global Financial Management

The Advanced Global Financial Management online course within the Executive Certificate in Global Finance focuses on intermediate and advanced global financial practices, and methods for developing your analytical skills to make sound financial decisions on a global scale.

  • Understand the relationships between interest rates, foreign exchange, and inflation rates.
  • Recognize how to identify foreign exchange exposures and determine if alternative hedging instruments should be used to manage these exposures.
  • Analyze current risk management strategies and see how they can mitigate the impact of currency fluctuations on foreign cash flows.
  • Evaluate the risks associated with foreign investment opportunities.
  • Learn how to prepare a cross-border valuation analysis, and how to estimate foreign currency discount rates using inflation differentials.
  • Employ different option strategies to maximize return and minimize risk for your organization.
  • Explore how to manage short-term financing, accounts receivable and accounts payable to ensure clear decision making in a global environment.
  • Examine how a global firm’s corporate strategy can affect currency exposure management.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Overview of Advanced Global Financial Management
  • Financial Options
  • Forwards, Futures, and Swaps
  • Short-Term Assets and Liabilities Management
  • Currency Exposures
  • Currency Hedging
  • Country Risks
  • Overview & Recap of Advanced Global Financial Management

Executive Certificate in Global Leadership

Understanding Global Leadership

The Understanding Global Leadership course within the online Executive Certificate in Global Leadership will teach you how to use your existing strengths and incorporate those with new leadership approaches to become a better global leader for your company.

  • Discover the traits, behaviors, and values that will make you an exceptional global leader.
  • Analyze how behavior affects the way a leader leads, and the necessary steps to move toward an integrative model of leadership.
  • Understand the foundations that define leadership and lead across various cultures through cross-cultural intelligence.
  • Learn and evaluate your strategy of how to build a commitment to your company’s global vision.
  • Develop an understanding of the behaviors of “Level 5 Leaders.”
  • Learn how to lead effectively by adapting to change within your organization.
  • Understand how to lead through turbulent times.
  • Discover how to lead with authenticity by exploring the evolution of leadership theories and studying the personalities and strengths of successful leaders.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • The Role of the Leader
  • Leading with Vision
  • Leading with Cultural Intelligence
  • Leading at Level 5
  • Leading Change: The Push of Leadership
  • Leading by Letting Go: The Pull of Leadership
  • Learning to Lead through Crucibles
  • Leading with Authenticity

Enhancing Your Leadership Strengths

The Enhancing Your Leadership Strengths online course within the Executive Certificate in Global Leadership will teach you how to become an effective global leader by developing your key strengths, understanding your employees, and effective communication methods.

  • Evaluate and understand your strengths to become a better global leader by focusing on enhancing and improving your strengths.
  • Understand and lead toward your team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discover the critical concepts and application of emotional and social intelligence.
  • Develop an understanding of leader level listening through effective communication.
  • Discover the elements of leader level reading and understanding.
  • Strengthen your employees by leading beyond bad behavior.
  • Enhance your understanding of how to retain the balance between your team’s strengths and weaknesses to enhance cooperation.
  • Understand leader level learning, and how to communicate “total leadership” to your team and colleagues by utilizing your key strengths.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Leading from Your Strengths
  • Leading from “Their” Strengths
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leader Level Listening
  • Leader Level Reading
  • Leading Beyond Bad Behavior
  • Retaining Focus and Balance
  • Leader Level Learning

Executive Certificate in Global Marketing

Global Marketing Strategy Essentials

The Global Marketing Strategy Essentials course within the online Executive Certificate in Global Marketing focuses on understanding your customers and global strategy to make informed marketing decisions for your organization.

  • Recognize how the stages of a country’s development influence your organization’s business model and marketing decisions.
  • Focus on a country’s development and advancement to determine your organization’s relationship with its customers.
  • Identify market segments, customer profiles, and global segments that exist by evaluating profitable global customers for your organization.
  • Evaluate profitable global customers for your organization.
  • Understand the consumer decision processes and how your marketing strategy influences these processes.
  • Analyze your competitive strategies, marketing programs and enhanced global positioning.
  • Identify value-chain partners and understanding their role in bringing the product to market through their partnership abilities.
  • Observe the ever-changing global landscape and trends, and how that will influence your organization’s ability to implement a global action plan.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Global Marketing Overview
  • Understanding Your Organization
  • Identifying Your Customers
  • Understanding and Relating to Your Customers
  • How to Develop a Competitive Difference
  • Selecting the Right Partners
  • Learning to Leverage Country Differences
  • Utilizing the Situation Analysis to Make Informed Marketing Decisions

Advanced Global Marketing Strategy

The Advanced Global Marketing Strategy online course within the Executive Certificate in Global Marketing will help you understand how to choose the most effective international marketing strategy to position your product or service for upward, global success.

This course was recently recognized by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) for the Distinguished Course Award in the Distance Learning Community of Practice.

  • Differentiate between the various types of international marketing strategies to determine the best organizational strategy.
  • Identify the factors that are required to position a product or service in the market.
  • Utilize Break-Even Analysis to support your decision making process.
  • Estimate annual sales and profitability using sales forecasts to assist in prioritizing the order of market entry.
  • Understand the unique characteristics of service marketing.
  • Identify the metrics used to evaluate services and operational effectiveness of a service business.
  • Develop measures and metrics to evaluate marketing effectiveness, global strategy and enhanced performance.
  • Identify the four critical gaps in a service business and how to employ effective strategies to overcome each gap.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Choose Your International Marketing Strategy
  • Position Your Product or Service in the Market
  • Conduct a Break-Even Analysis
  • Leverage Sales Forecasts and Transfer Pricing
  • Services Marketing
  • Two-Part Approach to Evaluating Metrics for Services
  • Overcoming Gaps in Services

Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations

Cross-Cultural Communication

The Cross-Cultural Communication online course within the Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations will help you better identify and understand cultural communication differences to prepare for achieving enhanced communication in a multicultural environment.

  • Examine the definition of culture and the expectation of understanding how culture impacts business relationships.
  • Review your "framework" for analyzing differences and similarities across multiple cultures based the 10 dimensions in The Cultural Orientations Model™.
  • Explore the impact of cultural differences on managerial communications and meeting etiquette.
  • Understand a company’s global branding and market-entry strategies to avoid potential cross-cultural missteps.
  • Distinguish the differences between stereotypes and generalizations when assigning particular cultural orientations to a society, group or individual.
  • Outline the 6 tips to improve effectiveness and productivity of cross-cultural meetings.
  • Define the various levels of culture and identifying cultural competencies necessary for successful global business negotiations.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Examining Culture
  • Debriefing Your Notion of Stereotypes
  • Exploring Dimensions of Culture
  • Exploring Cultural Orientations – North American & Latin America
  • Exploring Cultural Orientation – Western & Eastern Europe
  • Exploring Cultural Orientations – Middle East & Africa
  • Improving Your Cross-Cultural Meetings

Essentials of Global Negotiations

The Essentials of Global Negotiations course within the online Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations examines the theory and practice of negotiations among individuals, organizations, and groups in multicultural settings to understand and identify cultural differences in communication and negotiations styles.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the nature of global negotiations.
  • Define your basic framework to prepare for negotiations in a global and cross-cultural situation.
  • Learn why following key strategy steps are crucial in a cross-cultural context.
  • Recognize the role of psychological, cognitive, and social dimensions of negotiations.
  • Understand how cultural orientations could impact your negotiation process and influence negotiating behavior.
  • Examine ways to handle challenges involved in preparing for and conducting cross-cultural negotiations.
  • Focus on the importance of negotiation planning, goal setting and strategy to reach global success.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Introduction to Global Negotiations
  • Basic Concepts of Effective Preparation
  • Negotiation and Strategic Processes
  • Cultures, Strategies & Behaviors
  • Global Negotiations and Cultural Dimensions
  • Preparation and Applied Strategies
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Global Negotiation Mindset

Managing Conflict with a Global Mindset

The Managing Conflict with a Global Mindset course within the online Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations will help you manage communication and conflict by understanding the cultural wants, needs and expectations of others. Learn to adjust your style and techniques to most effectively confront and overcome conflict.

  • Explain how the attributes of a "global mindset" affect global negotiation and conflict management.
  • Learn the tools necessary for evaluating and managing conflict and divergent needs in negotiation.
  • Become more sensitive to key psychological factors, emotional issues and behaviors that can be destructive to problem-solving negotiation.
  • Enhance your awareness of the costs, privacy, flexibility, and efficiency of alternative dispute-resolution and problem-solving techniques.
  • Increase your knowledge of "breakthrough" strategies.
  • Understand conflict management negotiation styles in the context of competitive, impasse, breakdown and difficult situations to resolve conflict.
  • Enhance your problem solving skills and finding alternative resolutions to resolve disputes.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Introduction to Global Mindset Attributes and Conflict Management
  • Framework for Conflict Management Styles
  • Negotiation as Conflict Management
  • Cultural Implications of Conflict Management
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Applying the Breakthrough Strategy
  • Problem Solving for Conflict Management
  • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Executive Certificate in International Credit and Trade Finance

Essentials of International Credit and Trade Finance

The Essentials of International Credit & Trade Finance course within the online Executive Certificate in International Credit & Trade Finance will enhance your understanding of global trade, international sales and payment, cash flow and credit lines.

  • Develop a firm understanding of the fundamentals of global trade concepts.
  • Understand international trade, credit, and accounts receivable management.
  • Enhance your knowledge of international sales and determining payment terms for those global transactions.
  • Strategize how you will document collections and letters of credit.
  • Determine international customer risks and financial statement analysis.
  • Learn the international trade creditors guide to cash flow and credit lines.
  • Understand international credit risk protection mechanisms and risk mitigation techniques.
  • Define the importance of international cash management and the collections process.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Global Trade Concepts
  • International Trade, Credit and Accounts Receivable Management
  • International Payment and Shipping Terms
  • Documentary Collections and Letters of Credit
  • International Customer Risks and Financial Statements Analysis
  • Looking Beyond the Numbers
  • International Trade Creditor’s Guide to Cash Flow and Credit Lines
  • International Credit Risk Protection Mechanisms and Risk Mitigation Techniques
  • International Cash Management and Collections

Advanced International Credit and Trade Finance

The Advanced International Credit & Trade Finance online course within the Executive Certificate in International Credit & Trade Finance focuses on intermediate and advanced credit and trade concepts to enhance your decision making strategy.

  • Define advanced international financial statement analysis, and how to analyze credit risk assessments.
  • Understand advanced export trade finance techniques for your organization.
  • Determine export financing alternatives, and working capital management.
  • Learn about global credit operations, credit portfolio analysis, and effective portfolio management on an international level.
  • Effectively understand international laws, collections, and compliance.
  • Develop an understanding of cross-border bankruptcies and how to compare bankruptcies among countries and regions.
  • Implement global credit and accounts receivable process improvement initiatives.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • Advanced International Financial Statement Analysis and Credit Risk Assessment
  • Advanced Export Trade Finance Techniques
  • Global Credit Operations
  • Global Credit Portfolio Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Cross-Border Bankruptcies
  • Enhancing the Foreign Trade Creditor’s Position
  • Global Credit and Accounts Receivable Initiatives

Executive Certificate in Social and Voluntary Sector Leadership

Certificate in Social and Voluntary Sector Leadership

The development of leaders in the social sector is even more important today because it enables an organization to continue to fulfill the social needs of people and lead to overall social development. This specialized social sector online certificate focuses on enhancing the knowledge of participants on trends for social sector leaders, and various leadership techniques to succeed and lead on a global scale.

  • Focus on understanding global trends that are transforming the social sector.
  • Further recognize the challenges that leaders face every day by examining unique challenges encountered by IFRC leaders.
  • Develop a recognition of leader roles in today’s uncertain times, including: sensemaking, visioning, relating, and inventing.
  • Focus on what it means to apply your vision and evaluate your strategy of how to build a team commitment to your organization’s global vision.
  • Develop a firm understanding of the behaviors of successful Level 5 Leaders, and see how to achieve this level of outstanding leadership to enhance your overall management strengths.
  • Follow the experience of two leaders through crucibles, and how they were able to lead and manage their team through turbulent times.
  • Learn the fundamentals of how to lead and manage key stakeholders including volunteers, donors and the served population across borders.
  • Examine a framework for ethical decision-making.
  • Understand the global mindset inventory, and how to enhance your global mindset to achieve the greatest impact for your organization.
  • Develop a personal action plan to help you achieve your goals. We suggest that you find a mentor to help you develop your plan and guide you through this exciting leadership journey.

What Will Be Covered in Your 8 Week Professional Development Course?

  • The Role, Trends and Global Realities for Social Sector Leaders
  • Leading with Vision
  • Managing Difference: The "G-Local" Perspective
  • Influencing Different People
  • Leading at Level 5
  • Learning to Lead through Crucibles
  • Leading Across Boundaries
  • Leading and Governing with Integrity

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Student Experiences

"I recently took the online Executive Certificate in Global Corporate Social Responsibility. I have enjoyed the courses, the methodology, and the professor tremendously. I had previous experience in sustainability through corporate America and non-profit organizations. This certificate opened my mind to explore areas of sustainability. My professor was top notch, and the methodology made the class fun and easy to learn. I would recommend this certificate to anyone interested in becoming specialized in sustainability. - Diana Berry, UPS"

"I published my first sustainability book in 2011. Thunderbird had begun a certification program and addressed sustainability, globally. It fit in well with its historic role of addressing global specialization, provided a core body of knowledge, validated my assumptions, and opened up other areas for me to think through. I want to thank Dr. Greg Unruh for his well-thought out approach. I would highly recommend this certificate to anyone interested in sustainability. - Ralph W. Jarvis, Jarvis Business Solutions, LLC"

"Before joining the Thunderbird Online Executive Certificate in Global Finance, I didn’t have any didactic or practical experience with the topic. I thought that it would be a real challenge for me to deal with and manage the certificate completion. The final result was that I tremendously enhanced my financial literacy and skills because of the well-thought out course structure, including comprehensive presentations, carefully selected articles, and easy to follow practical examples. - Denitsa Koynova, MedAvante"

"The Executive Certificate in Global Leadership has proven to be a vital component of my advanced leadership learning and development. The course content, coupled with the innovative delivery method, has equipped me with substantial leadership tools and methodologies, which I have incorporated into my leadership, attitude, style, and approach. The highly astute professors joined by the collaborative learning environment set the stage for an enriching and rewarding educational experience. - Dean R. Clemente, Ford Motor Company"

"Completing this certification has helped me understand a different perspective in leadership. It has exposed me to thinking more about leadership skills that are important for success, and how I would apply them in my career. I recommend this certificate to anyone who wants to sharpen their leadership skills, while getting different perspectives from students abroad during the class coursework and exercises. - Allan Zinky, American Express"

"Great content, very current, broad in scope, interactive, and included a proper mix of financial, operational, political, technological, and societal aspects of the industry. - Ryan Scalise, Koch Industries"

"Thunderbird Online's Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management gave me more understanding and knowledge from research to the product delivery. The various chapters give a global view of the industry, with detailed information into every topic. You have the possibility to acquire a better understanding of the players and processes. The future is also on the agenda. I recommend the Certificate for Global Oil & Gas Management. - Alain Wald, Hydratight"

"I finished the Cross-Cultural Communications course in the Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations this summer, and I found it extremely insightful. I was worried it would be tedious, but I really looked forward to each session. I liked the step-wise progression, as well as the combination of media from the text, lectures, and vignettes. It was very effective in developing a heightened sensitivity to cultural differences. - Rita Kosnik, Negotiation Solutions Training"

"The Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management helped me build upon my understanding of the oil & gas industry. This course provided me with the flexibility to study through its self-paced program. The method of instruction (testing, reading, watching and listening) was thorough and very engaging. It enabled me to measure and improve my performance before and after each module. The future of the oil & gas industry will have major impacts on the global economy. I applaud Thunderbird for endeavoring to provide proper introduction into the subject matter. - Tettey WilsonTei, Green Choice Solar"

"The Executive Certificate in Global Marketing helped me understand the international aspects of marketing strategy and apply them to my work. The instruction and assessment methods were practical, engaging, and helpful. I sincerely appreciate having this opportunity to take these classes and learn from them. I strongly recommend this certificate to professionals who are interested in expanding their products or services to countries outside their home base. - Soma Chakrabarti, 
University of Kansas Continuing Education"

"The Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management is an excellent educational program. Firstly, I recommend this certificate because of the important knowledge gained for the energy sector value chain. Secondly, to support early and mid career emerging leaders in the energy sector and related industries in broadening of their knowledge across the value chain. Lastly, I recommend the online Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management as a transition support for senior professionals joining the energy sector. - Debbie Seunarayan, Gallus"

"As a Thunderbird graduate, I found the online Executive Certificate in Global Leadership to be highly valuable. I was able to incorporate the knowledge gained into my daily obligations. At the same time, I was still refreshing my skills for today's global business environment. The executive certificate allowed me to gain the skills needed to stay relevant in an ever-changing world, as well as contribute to my organization. - Craig Shoots, Cisco"

"I chose a Thunderbird Online certificate because of the quality and structure of the courses. The material & information have immediate applicability to my job. The online learning programs allow me flexibility to do the work according to my schedule within the week. I have been very impressed by the quality instruction and the structure of the online classes. - Anonymous Thunderbird Participant"

"The Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations was eye opening for me, and the course material has been right on the money. I have absolutely loved this certificate and know that I have learned so much that I can apply to my daily activities. It has also fueled my desire to know even more about negotiations and its processes. I look forward to my next Thunderbird course! - Anonymous Thunderbird Participant"

"Living in Washington DC, understanding unique cultures and how to communicate with these cultures is critical to anyone’s success. Thunderbird Online’s Executive Certificate in Global Negotiation program is extremely valuable to unlocking the hidden art of negotiation no matter whom you are working with. I have lived and worked both domestically and internationally, and one thing is clear, global negotiations are very rare skills to possess. The Thunderbird professors are amazing, and T-Birds are the most helpful and sincere people anywhere! - Steve Pieters, Marlowe & Company"

"I recently finished the Certificate in Global Oil and Gas Management, and I found the certificate to be very flexible with my schedule. There are no date specific deadlines that you need to meet, which allows you to work on your own schedule. The videos and the case studies were relevant and helpful. Thunderbird Online’s staff answered all of my questions in a timely manner. I would recommend this certificate to my friends and colleagues who are interested in the Oil & Gas industry. Again, I express my sincere thanks to those who have developed an amazing program. - Sajeev Rufus, Student"

"Currently, I am enrolled in Thunderbird Online’s Understanding Global Leadership course, and I have found it to be very interesting. It has given me the chance to look at the leadership style of others around me, and look at global leadership from a different perspective. The online course provides me the convenience of working on my own schedule. Thunderbird Online’s courses have allowed me to explore different aspects of business that I don't have a chance to do in my normal job as a business developer. – Akracha Phraprasert, PTT Public Company Limited"

"This course is great and I recommend it 100%. The online course prepares you for each section of the exam, teaches you how to manage time, and conquer the GMAT exam. I improved my score by 90 points and was accepted at Thunderbird School of Global Management. – Judas Ricardo Castro Salazar, Ternium"

"I recently completed Thunderbird Online’s Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations. I believe the three courses were an excellent way to sharpen my negotiation tactics, improve my interpersonal skills, and better understand the unique cultures I deal with. Working in supplier management in the aerospace industry requires being able to communicate effectively with people and cultures from all over the world. I know that with this online program, I have become more successful in my industry. - Skylar Barrett, Boeing Commercial Airplanes"

"I recently completed Thunderbird Online’s Executive Certificate in International Credit & Trade Finance. I found the course to be professionally presented with a wealth of materials surrounding financing options, financing documents, and detailed information surrounding credit & collections strategies for Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, and North America. This is definitely a program worth pursuing if you work in the field of international credit or treasury. - Steve Wickens, Strike Zone Management Consulting Services Inc."

"I recently completed the Thunderbird Online Cross-Cultural Communications course. The blended delivery of video lectures, interactive activities, vignettes, assessments, and facilitated discussion forums provided interesting, thought-provoking, and highly applicable content. I appreciated the the relevance of the content to every day challenges businesses face as they expand their global footprint. The convenience of being able to access and complete the content on my own schedule truly enhanced my experience. - Susan Rehm, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation"

"I recently completed Thunderbird Online’s Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations. My objective was to enhance my, and my company’s, ability to operate in diverse cultures including leading multi-cultural teams. The online program has provided an actionable basis to succeed at operating diverse multi-cultural teams. – Dean Oskvig, Black & Veatch"

"I recently completed the online Advanced International Credit & Trade Finance course, and I found the content to be informative, engaging, and challenging. The instructors really know their material, and were always available if I had questions. I am happy I took the online course, and I look forward to continuing my training with Thunderbird Online. - Don Walker, Cree, Inc. "

"The online Advanced Global Marketing Strategy course enhanced my understanding of global marketing by providing beneficial information that I will be able to use on a daily basis. I recommend the Thunderbird Online course. – Charles Sha’ban, Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property"

"Thunderbird Online’s Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management gave me a great opportunity to apply my management skills to this dynamic industry. The certificate increased my understanding of the financial global oil & gas industry. I strongly recommend Thunderbird Online’s certificate program. – Hassan Mekhim, Abraj International"

"I recently completed Thunderbird Online’s Certificate in Social & Voluntary Sector Leadership. The online program has increased my understanding of social sector leadership. I found the layout, approach, and content to be relevant. I would recommend this certificate program to other upcoming leaders, as it would be a worthwhile tool in this competitive world." - Leslie Manda, NT Department of Education and Children Services"

"I just finished Thunderbird Online’s Advanced Global Marketing Strategy course with Dr. Ram, and I loved it! The course content moved sequentially, with each week’s material building on the previous week’s readings and discussions. I really enjoyed Dr. Ram’s delivery of the material. He clearly knows and loves this topic. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in global marketing. - Cate Barker, GoDaddy LLC"

"I highly recommend this course! This program taught me some tricks of the trade on how to improve my time management on the GMAT. I improved my score over 100 points from the last time I took the test. Upon improving my score, I was accepted into Thunderbird's full-time MBA program. This course really helps! - Laura Jo Marino, MBA graduate student at the University of Rochester Simon School of Business"

"I recently completed the online Advanced International Credit and Trade Finance course. Although I have been in the international trade finance business for many years, this course pulled together information from administration, legal, finance, and logistics. This enhanced my understanding and increased my knowledge in areas I am not familiar with. I recommend Thunderbird Online’s Advanced ICTF course. – Rimantas Aukstuolis, Fifth Third Bank"

"I recently completed the Essentials of International Credit & Trade Finance and Advanced International Credit &Trade Finance courses. The courses were comprehensive and directly applicable to my current position as a Global Manager of Credit & Collections. My company and future career are sure to benefit. Many thanks! – Carolyn Crowell, Drew Marine USA, Inc."

"In my position I lead without direct authority, and the Executive Certificate in Global Leadership from Thunderbird showed me the areas I needed to work on in order to become more useful to the different teams I facilitate. The program exposed me to concepts and ideas that I have never considered during my many years in management. I find that these will be beneficial to my future. The 360-feedback survey alone was an eye opener. – Nate Salais, OMCO Solar"

"I recently completed the Essentials of ICTF course. I found the course content very informative and applicable, and the form of learning online very effective. By watching the faculty videos, reading the material, and completing the interactive exercises, the time zone differences are no longer barriers. The iTunes download feature is very impressive and useful. It made my learning efficient and saved a lot of time. The learning environment is another great asset, as the sharing of the teachers’ global knowledge, and the students’ cross-culture experience is invaluable for me, and made this program a great success. – Raymond Yi Dong Yang, INVISTA "

"I would like to thank Thunderbird for the excellent education I received during my three courses for the online Executive Certificate in Global Leadership. My goal was to better understand the global culture that I currently work in, and prepare myself for future global assignments. The online executive certificate program exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful and have recommended this international learning opportunity to many of my colleagues. - Timothy Lynn Burchfield, Chick-fil-A"

"I completed the online Principles of CSR and Sustainability course through Thunderbird Online. The rich mix of multimedia interactives, faculty lectures, case studies, and facilitated discussions helped me clearly follow the teaching process, and apply the concepts in my own professional context. – Kurai Chitima, Fuss Free Management Service"

"Seeking professional and practical knowledge is a high requirement to my career life. Recently, I completed Thunderbird Online’s Global Marketing Strategy Essentials course. It was a wonderful 8 week course, with easy to follow online modules, great reading materials, and extensive interactions with the course facilitator and classmates. I really enjoyed the knowledge sharing and learning experience during the course, and would love to recommend it to any working professionals seeking additional learning. – Elisa Lai, HP APJ Enterprise Services"

"The Executive Certificate in Global Marketing delivered tremendous practical value, including analytical tools and resources, global perspectives via both instructors and classmates, and outstanding research resources. Each course utilized tools that I was able to implement immediately in my assignments, such as situation analysis/segmentation, real world product positioning case studies, and step-by-step negotiation preparation and practice. The Thunderbird program is truly world class, and the education staff is refreshingly devoted to perfecting the student experience. Highly recommended! - Ann Marie Murray, Axway"

"I have been working for an international oil company for the past 15 years, and have experience in both the upstream and downstream sectors. The online Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management gave me great insight into the entire value chain as well as a strategic view of the industry as a whole. The program provided many practical examples in a reasonable length of time. I strongly recommend this online certificate to anyone who wants to make a career or advance their career in the oil & gas industry. – Altug Tasman, BP Exploration Caspian Sea"

"Thunderbird's online Certificate in Global Oil and Gas Management provided an effective and appropriate treatment for the global oil and gas value chain. The financial elements, the geo-political material, and the trends of the markets were underscored and compliment the finer points of operations at the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream. Beyond the material in the program, the knowledge base to delve into more extensive research and study is made easier after working through the program. – James Scott Elliott, BAE Systems Intelligence and Security"

"The Thunderbird Online Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management easily met my expectations. Within 1 month of completing the course I was offered an internal transfer to the Middle East to work in a country with a focus on oil & gas. Given the fact that I was traveling regularly, the convenience of the online learning environment made the course accessible and flexible during my travels. My congratulations go out to the professors of the course and those involved in the online delivery, as it is world class. The course book is well written. It is current and factual, but engaging with reference to case studies of current and future projects happening around the globe. The fact that I could download it to my iPad made it easy to read while traveling. I have recommended the online course to many friends and colleagues. - Travis Cunningham, International SOS"

"I completed the online Finance Essentials for Global Managers course, and found the online learning environment very useful and beneficial. I was able to manage my time by completing required assignments and participation with other online learners on my own schedule. The topics that were covered strengthened my understanding of finance from a managerial point-of-view and thus enhanced my finance perspective. – Luis Herran, Ajegroup"

"The online Oil & Gas Certificate program has provided me with an invaluable insight and acquired expertise on various subjects of the industry. As an entry-level worker within the industry, it has helped to fuel my aspirations of professional development and progression. The content of the course is world class, with the user-friendly course material delivery system and student support second to none. I encourage any individual from the upstream to product marketing departments to invest and enroll in the online course. - Danny Farnworth, OPITO"

"I recently completed the online Executive Certificate in Global Corporate Social Responsibility. I thoroughly enjoyed all three courses and what I learned from them. The case studies were fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the case studies that involved familiar companies that many do not associate with CSR such as Walmart and Burt's Bees. It is very interesting reading the many things these companies have done to improve their business in this area. I would recommend this certification to anyone interested in CSR. - Robin Bartlett, KGHM International"

"I highly recommend the Thunderbird Certificate in Global Oil and Gas Management, and plan to utilize it for many members of my team as a development opportunity to enable them to better understand the energy industry as a whole. The modules of this program provide a complete perspective that will allow the learner to be more productive and credible immediately in the workplace. – Matthew Legg, Anadarko Petroleum"

"The online Global Oil and Gas Management certification course provides a wide-ranged knowledge of the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream of the oil and gas industry. The online course does a great job of analyzing different stakeholders and different cultural settings. It’s a great course for those who want to be global leaders in this industry. - Tingli Wan, Thunderbird MBA Student"

"I recently completed Thunderbird Online’s Certificate in Social & Voluntary Sector Leadership. The instruction and presentations were excellent, and provided new tools and techniques that have honed my leadership skills. I recommend this certificate program to other leaders in the Social and Voluntary Sector. - Tejas Patel, American Red Cross"

"I am reasonably satisfied and fulfilled with Thunderbird Online’s Certificate in Social & Voluntary Sector Leadership. I found the online certificate program quite interesting and flexible. The online learning environment was modest, participatory, and well managed. I was able to combine the learning time simultaneously with routine office work as well as complete assignments on my own schedule. I will definitely recommend this online certificate to anyone who is interested in sharpening their leadership skills on a global scale.- Bruce Obiokala, IFRC Kabul Afghanistan"

"The online Essentials of International Credit & Trade Finance course was packed full of powerful information on credit & trade finance. I found the expert knowledge of the instructors and fellow students to be of great value. The online interaction and feedback within the discussion forums were fantastic. I am looking forward to taking the Advanced ICTF course to complement my studies in the Essentials of ICTF course. - Tim Omowunmi, BNY Mellon Asset Servicing"

"The online Essentials of Global Negotiations course has helped me put my 25 years of international experience in an academic perspective. Having graduated from Thunderbird in 1981, it was a great opportunity to be able to tap into the rich resources of Thunderbird once again. - Jan Meertens, SAR Systems"

"I recently completed Thunderbird Online’s Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management. The course provides an overall view of the industry which is very useful in creating an understanding between the various sectors involved in the industry. Very often, various sectors within an industry operate in silos, with one sector totally ignorant as to what happens in another – I found that this course provided a sound base that covers all sectors, which can build bridges between the sectors and create a greater understanding and cooperation amongst them. In addition, the course’s flexibility makes it manageable to almost anyone interested in completing it. I can strongly recommend this course to all involved in the Oil & Gas Industry. - Tim Brooke, Amec International"

"I completed the online Essentials of International Credit and Trade Finance course, and I appreciated the course content specifically related to the risk structure and the content related to implementing the correct mindset in dealing with a buyer. I utilized the knowledge and tools obtained immediately in my daily routine as a credit professional. This was very applicable to my career in the credit industry. - Simona Gheorghe, Oracle Global Finance"

"Thunderbird’s Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management has been of great use to me in understanding the business of the global oil and gas industry. I could relate to the course content and studies well, as I have had a good amount of technical experience in the same field. Having worked in Upstream Exploration and Production Oil Company for more than 10 years as a Production Engineer, I really found it worthwhile to increase my knowledge in this area. - Vaishali Kumbhare, Oil & Natural Gas Corp"

"I sincerely enjoyed the online Understanding Global Leadership course. Many of the articles, along with the "boss" for the week were wonderful pairings to help bring the content to life. I took this certification for many reasons, but am happy to say it's become very inspirational for me in helping me remember why I love being a leader – great content and intriguing role models. Thank you! - Lisa Nelson, Honeywell"

"I immediately began using the knowledge and skills gained in Thunderbird’s Certificate of Global Oil & Gas Management. As an HR employee in the Oil & Gas field for over 13 years, I found this certificate immediately enriched my business acumen and relationships with my clients. I was able to understand and speak their language! I found the mixed media style to be demanding with my workload but tremendously powerful in enforcing the objectives of the lessons. This is a “must do” for any professional who supports this critical industry. - Kimberly Blocker, Anadarko Petroleum"

"I recently completed the Executive Certificate in Global Marketing and found it to be an extremely insightful course. The video lessons along with the various readings provided me with a comprehensive overview of the concepts covered throughout the program. The topics and tools that are covered are extremely relevant to me, and I utilize many of the tools in my day-to-day professional career. The courses challenged my real-life experiences in the marketing management field, and have helped me to broaden my scope of viewing opportunities as well potential challenges in a different light. – Chris Keswani, LCD Dreams, Inc."

"Thanks to the online Executive Certificate in Global CSR program, I now have a clear understanding of what CSR means, and how companies should develop and implement their CSR activities. I appreciated very much the external links provided within the program. This was a viable source of information that I found very useful. - Serena Barberis, ICRC Red Cross"

"I really enjoyed participating in the Advanced International Credit and Trade Finance online course. I found it a very well designed course with outstanding contributions from highly skilled professionals. I particularly appreciated the occasion to learn more on actual topics like cross-border insolvencies and global organization of the credit function. The various exchanges of experiences and opinions in the forums within the community is something I particularly enjoyed and am grateful for. I would definitely encourage professionals to take advantage of such learning opportunity. - Vittorio Martorano, AGICRE"

"I have completed the Essentials of International Credit & Trade Finance and Advanced International Credit & Trade Finance online courses that were presented by highly skilled professionals and educators in the field of Credit, Trade and Finance. They have definitely strengthened and sharpened my knowledge, which will enable me to maintain a highly professional profile on a global level. I enjoyed very much the exchange of information, experiences, opinions and suggestions from fellow participants during the online discussion forums. It was nice to learn that most of us experienced similar issues and challenges in our occupation, and were able to share ideas and tips from each other on how to resolve them with what we have learned during the course. I look forward to another distinguished Thunderbird course in the near future. – Larry Hoo, SABIC Europe"

"I have recently finished the online Advanced International Credit & Trade Finance course and really enjoyed the course materials and videos with very skilled professors from different backgrounds. The course provided me the skill set to grow in my current role and provided deep knowledge in different aspects of risk mitigation, letter of credit, trade finance and credit risk assessment. The entire program exceeded my expectations especially the feedback of the professor in the assessments and in the forum discussions with my fellow students. I would highly recommend both the online Essentials and Advanced ICTF courses if you are interested in enhancing your knowledge in international credit. – Sharmakeh Nour, SABIC Innovative Plastics"

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